Strategic Business Consulting

If you are asking yourself any of these questions, we can help!

  • Things just aren’t working as they should despite all our best efforts.

  • There’s never any money in the bank but our sales are through the roof!

  • I’m not sure if I should take on a new line of business, close a facility or re-organize my company.

  • I’m burned out; this is too much effort for too little return.

  • I’m thinking of selling my business; is it worth it?

Financial Reporting

Financial reports have often been compared to a foreign language – you know there’s information there but it isn’t always understandable. We prepare and/or analyze financial statements in ways that help you make educated decisions regarding your business. Whether they’re for loan applications, reporting to investors or internal management, we present accurate and timely reports for our clients. Some of our areas of concentration include:

• Cost accounting

• Forensic accounting

• Financial statement preparation

• Variance Analysis

Executive Coaching

It’s a myth that business owners must have all the answers to their problems. The wisest seek new solutions to old problems. Having a go-to person with whom you can discuss ideas and challenges, as well as hold you accountable to yourself can turn pressure into rapid growth, both personally and professionally. If any of these thoughts are in your mind, we can guide you!

  • I’m not effective in communicating my message to my staff

  • I’m spending all my time putting out fires instead of planning ahead

  • My managers aren’t performing to my expectations

  • I’m concerned that my highest producer is toxic to other employees

  • I have no work-life balance